No Mail Days are Sad Days postcard

One Month Left for Earlybird Registration

May 3, 2023
by Paul Nelson

Civil Disobedience postcardI was shopping for postcards the other day and know you are probably wondering if I am ever NOT shopping for postcards, but that is unimportant. The truth is that near Hood River, Oregon, I found a few amazing cards including the one which serves as featured image for this post and this one to the right, which I relate to more than I should.

Today marks one month until the end of Earlybird Registration for the 2023 Poetry Postcard Fest. If you were waiting for the last minute, it is not yet here but is close!


Coming soon a short workshop that will serve as orientation for new folks, or old home week for seasoned postcarders and a primer for the next day-long writing project we’ve come to call the Day Song. We are planning one for September 8 and you are welcome to participate. It helps to do it just after participation in the 56 Days of August, so register first and please consider telling a friend about this project that celebrates Year 18 in 2023. Thanks for reading, Paul



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