Abhaya Thomas Cesar Postcard

Postcard Fest Open Mic Saturday, Sept 10 9am PDT

September 4, 2022
by Paul Nelson

Did your card get there? Could anyone read your handwriting? Do you want to try to match a postcard poet’s face with their handwriting and poetry? Maybe that all could happen at the Postcard Fest Open Mic.


Saturday September 10 there is an open mic for postcard fest participants to read 2-3 poems you wrote and maybe show some images of the favorite cards you received. There will be a three minute time limit. (Hoping for 75 minutes tops.) The link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2064225002. The event will start at 9am PDT (12N EDT).

Last time people read cards of other participating poets, but do that only with advance permission. Really. Don’t be THAT GUY! We are hoping to double the number of LIKES on this year’s Postcard Fest Open Mic video. Last year:

See you in Zoomlandia!


  1. Daniel L Smith

    I’m up for reading and have sangha til 1030a central so time is right. Let me know.

  2. Ross Savage

    Greetings from Minnesota to you Paul and all the members of group 8, which I was a part of this recently passed August 2022. I’m sorry I couldn’t join to hear and see you all last Saturday, 10 September – shoot🥸 – but this is just to say I enjoyed all the plums of group 8 🍇 they were just so delicious … & brother and sister Postcard poets, do follow up and contact me if you care to. I’d love feedback, suggestions, and reactions to , what was it for me, a Simply Wonderful , creative 6 weeks … And thanks most of all to you 🫵🏻 Paul for your organizing skills 📝➖ Ciao!🙋‍♂️🥂


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