Alice Glover speaking during interview with Paul E Nelson

Alive Alice Glover Interview

August 19, 2022
by Paul Nelson
The 2022 fest is winding down and registration for 2023 begins on September 1. A new postcard poet saw my stash here at Casa del Colibrí and said: “I’m going to get intro Group 1 next year!” Yes, the hardcores sign up right away. And what could be more hardcore than writing 40+ postcard poems when you are 96? Meet Alice Glover, mother of postcard legend Ingrid Bruck, with whom we had a chance to chat on August 12, 2022 about her love of postcards and her life. Thank you Alice! You are an inspiration.


  1. Linda/Lulu

    Imagine my delightful surprise to see Alice Glover and hear her in person. I’ve really enjoying being her pen pal. I loved the fan poem she sent me this year and yes, we are corresponding with each other, from Coleraine, MN to NY. Thank you Paul for the insightful interview. I learned some new things that I can write to her about.

  2. Abhaya Thomas

    I love this Paul! Your inspired Postcard Fest has touched so many lives and formed so many links. This world is a better place because of it.

  3. Clayton

    What a lovely and inspiring woman. Thank you for sharing that Paul. The whales!

  4. stanleydelgozo sabre

    Yes, thank you Alice & Paul for sharing this awake aware & alive 17 plus minutes of intimacy and love…I am loving connecting with Alice through our sharing of postcards…Namaste StanleydelGozo


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