Postcard Fest F.A.Q. + More Festimonials

June 27, 2022
by Paul Nelson

Registration for the 2022 Poetry Postcard Fest Ends July 4!!!

In 2015 we wrote a Poetry Postcard Fest FAQ which started like this:

1. Can I start now or do I have to wait until August?

By all means start if you have received your list of 32 names/addresses.

2. If we can start now, why do you call it the August Poetry Postcard Fest?

We don’t. Some of the old-timers do, lord bless ’em. READ MORE SNARK!

Here is some more postcard love from May 2022:

Noreen Hyde:
I have participated for five years. I just love the creativity on all levels — making or finding postcards, having complete freedom within the constraints of a small space to create poems. It is so encouraging and affirming, and so so fun to get ekphrastic mail instead of just bills. It also impacts my family every august because I share the poems I write and the ones I receive. Best $10 I ever spent!!! Thank you for creating and continuing this community!!!

Jacqui Hollaback:
I’ve always loved writing letters
I write to all my friends and loved ones all the time, on paper and on postcards
I love to draw the Love is… characters and other famous cartoons
I love writing and reading poetry
I also love to ‘meet’ and make new poet friends
The poetry postcard festival allows me to do all of it
Thank you, Nelson

Linda Roller:
A community of friends over the years A chance to learn different poetic prompts from other poet’s. Poetry is shared with artwork at times of the poets, inspiring other’s. The Poetry Postcard fest is meant to be fun & it is, inspiring new poet’s every year It amazes me how dedicated the participating poet’s are for sharing their words. Poetry can be everywhere.


We give thanks to SICA-USA for their ongoing sponsorship of this event!



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