More Amazing Festimonials!

June 24, 2022
by Paul Nelson
Paul E Nelson Pusheen

Paul E Nelson Pusheen

When we asked for testimonials from Poetry Postcard Fest participants, we never expected to be inundated. Check this:

Elizabeth Maxey:
This will be my 11th year with the fest, and I can’t imagine a year without it. August is the one month when I allow myself to prioritize poetry over other things, because somewhere out there, somebody is counting on me to write. I love, too, the fest’s validation of short poems, which deserve more credit than the publishing world often gives them. We CAN say more with less!

Colette Dutton:
The Postcard Poetry Festival offers a brief foray (56 days…) all on the space of a postcard into the imagination or one’s own reality. My poems are connected (or not!) to the art. The art and the word, the giving and receiving – there is a sense of magic, for me, year after year.

Margaret Ripperger:
The Postcard Poetry Festival 2021 was my first. I put all of my cards with original poetry in the mail early in the month as I was looking forward to receiving replies to mine. Was not disappointed.

Jessica Temple:
I’ve participated several times, though inconsistently. As a professor, August is a very busy month for me full of syllabi, lesson prep, and meetings. Poetry Postcard Fest is important in that it gives me the necessary motivation for the creative bust I need to start the school year on a positive, energetic note.

We give thanks to SICA-USA for their ongoing sponsorship of this event!



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