Fest Registration Closes July 4!

June 18, 2022
by Paul Nelson
The 16th Poetry Postcard Fest begins July 4 and registration will end on that day! REGISTER NOW and await your postcard mirth! What do people say about the fest?

Jessica Gershon:
(The Poetry Postcard Fest) is what my soul needed. It has introduced me to parts of myself that I never knew existed. It’s the inspiration for me to create art and poetry all at once. I don’t just write poetry.. I get to connect with other poets, I get to create art in the form of painting or collages. When I finish a card I feel so accomplished. This fest has really impacted my life and my true passion. I’m very thankful for my discovery of this event. I love it so much that I make postcards year around now..and it’s become a huge part of who I am! Thanks Paul Nelson I’m forever inspired and grateful.

Charlie Stobert:
I have been involved in the fest since its inception, I think; about 15 years. It has allowed me to connect with new people and in particular new posts and their poetry from around the world! It has become an important annual practice for me and my writing.

Want a HOW TO? Click here: https://ppf.cascadiapoeticslab.org/how-it-works/how-to-write-a-postcard-poem-ten-steps/

We give thanks to SICA-USA for their ongoing sponsorship of this event!


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  1. Jan Washburn

    I just love this opportunity to give and receive art and poetry. Soul-nuturing.


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