Epic Post-Fest Prompt Workshop

May 9, 2022
by Paul Nelson

GetPoetry Postcard Fest your five page handout loaded with links, prompts and inspirations if you register for this one day workshop before June 10.

Take a look inside our current workshop group that started after the 2020 Poetry Postcard Fest. We’ve been looking at how to engage open forms. The “condensery” of Lorine Niedecker and the Buddhist day journal of Joanne Kyger are among the methods/poets we’ve been studying & writing from. The Poetry Postcard Fest offers an annual opportunity to write condensed poems but this year the workshoppers have led me to conceive of an epic poem exercise to be done in one day! This would, ideally happen on September 1 AFTER you have written your 31 postcard poems and sent them out, but before the end of Labor Day would work.

On Saturday, June 11, 2022, you’re cordially invited to participate in a poetry discussion of how to take advantage of all the good juju of writing for 56 days and then how to expand your practice to include a very long poem. The workshop is called “Inside the Day Song” and will go into two epic poems that were written in 24 hours each, by Bernadette Mayer and Pierre Joris. You can hear my recent interview with Pierre here. Register and join us!

WHEN: Saturday, June 11, 2022, 9am PDT to 10:30am PDT (12N EDT Starting Time, 11am CDT, 10am MDT, 9am PDT)
WHERE: Zoom. Link provided to registrants before the workshop
HOW MUCH: $15 – $30 sliding scale


  1. Carlton JOHNSON

    what is the start time and the end time for this event. It says above that the start time is 9am PDT which should be 12 noon EDT.

  2. smithdaniell

    I am actually teaching haiku and 17 syllable sentences at Magnolia Grove Monastery that week, and so will not be able to attend. Wonder where those ideas came from? the padmasambava perhaps? This kind of poetry is both wave and particle my side scribbles say. There should be no more than 40 at this five retreat at MGM on “creative arts” and I am honored to be a part of it. In June I was planning a short mini class series on the madness of creativity. But I don’t have the depth of wonderful resources you (Paul) have; I’m very sorry to miss your “epic” workshop; let me know if any way to access after the fact. A deep bow to you, my friend,

  3. Annis

    June 11th is a Saturday. Sunday in June is the 12th. Which day will this workshop be held? xoA

    • Paul Nelson

      ARGH! Saturday, June 11, 9am PDT.

  4. KJ

    Can’t wait. All the resources you have offered us past and present are so inspirational. I’m up to giving it a try on the all day. Have been practicing recalling dreams…


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