JD Eames walker 2021 Poetry Postcard

From JD Eames

October 17, 2021
by Paul Nelson
Dear Paul,
I hope this is the correct email to write you about the Festival.
First time Postcard Poetry participant here. As of today, I’ve received 21 postcards! Very impressed by the ingenuity of the postcards, the commitment in sending, and the variety of poems. Sending out postcards was both nerve wracking and so much fun. Here are a couple of my favorite postcards:

Jessica Gershon Poetry Postcard 2021

Jessica Gershon 2021

Beatrice Hussein poetry postcard 2021

Beatrice Hussain 2021

At the beginning of the August, Santa Fe, New Mexico had a severe shortage of mail carriers. For five days my postcards sat in our neighborhood mailbox waiting to be picked up. The next week, we had delivery/pickup every other day, until finally the post office brought in carriers from Albuquerque to help. We’re back to six day delivery again, until… well, you know, more postal chaos ensues.

The first two days, I was nervous and wrote out the poems on paper before copying to postcard. Then, pushed myself to embrace what you had said about being spontaneous and composing directly on the postcard.

My postcard was a photo of my dog spying through a hole in some coyote fencing, Walker-girl. Not as creative as the postcards I received, but helped to ensure a postcard would go out every day.

JD Eames walker 2021 Poetry Postcard

JD Eames walker 2021

Looking forward to next year!

Take good care. Thank you and all for being poets in the world.
Kindest regards,

Julie aka JD Eames


  1. Karen Loeb

    I love this photo of your dog. I use photos I take for most of my cards—keep going! (Sometimes a photo will inspire a poem, or the reverse. I have an inkling of a poem and will go and take a picture.)

  2. JD Eames

    Thanks, Karen, for the kind word about my photo, and for the encouragement!

  3. Diana Elser

    Love these cards – you are encouraging me to experiment further – I stick to collage and do the collage before the poem –


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