Postcards by Ellsworth Kelly

June 24, 2021
by Paul Nelson

Postcarder Sally Hedges-Blanquez alerts us to:

Ellsworth Kelly: Postcards will present a comprehensive survey of Kelly’s postcard collages, with 150 works on view. Many postcards reveal specific places where Kelly lived or visited, such as Paris, where Kelly lived in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and where he often returned, or other areas in New York City—My New Studio (1970), is a picture postcard of downtown Old Chatham, New York, with a stapled arrow pointing to the second-floor windows of his new studio building… Kelly made collaged postcards, some of which served as exploratory musings and others as preparation for larger works in other media. From 1949 to 2005, Kelly made just over 400 postcard works. READ MORE

Registration for the 15th Poetry Postcard Fest (a tribute to Diane di Prima and Michael McClure) ends July 18. First lists go out July 4. Register at:

Do you think you could apply this technique to your own postcards? And do you still have any Ellsworth Kelly stamps?


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