12.7.2020 Alicia Gignoux Poetry Postcard Fest Interview

December 28, 2020
by Paul Nelson

Alicia Gignoux has enjoyed being part of the Poetry Postcard Fest poetry exchange.
She taught Spanish at the university level in Montana for many years
and spent time serving in Mexico with the Peace Corps.


  1. Sigrid Saradunn

    Thank you for the interview. I found the “one day” of writing poems interesting … beyond my attention span.
    Paul, I also found the idea of … forget who you did it .. but the connected butcher paper so they would have to stop
    and change the paper mid-thought. Wish I’d thought of that back in the day 🙂

  2. June C Sanders

    Very much enjoying all the interviews.

  3. June C Sanders

    Interesting, delightful, multi-faceted personalities, the August poetry participants are. And Paul is a great interviewer.

  4. POPO Pops

    June, bless your heart! Thanks for the kind words and for being a POPO poet! Happy 2021!

  5. Karla Anaya

    Congratulations Dr. Alicia!! I’m very proud to have had you as a tutor in ESAp, and I greatly admire your enthusiasm and intelligence. I really like POPO Poetry! ☺

  6. Abhaya Thomas

    Paul, really loving these interviews!

    • POPO Pops

      Abhaya! Thanks for watching them!


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