Poetry Postcard Fest Love

October 11, 2020
by Paul Nelson

Hi, Paul—

I shared back in July that my dad died, and you posted that on the PoPo website.  As a result, I was showered with love and kindness from so many PoPo folks that it overwhelmed me.  I re-read the notes frequently, and they remind me how important it is to connect with people and be compassionate with myself and others.  Not quite two months after my dad died (breast cancer, age 97), my mother died (also 97).  The “official” cause of death was congestive heart failure, but I think that after nearly 78 years together, my mom just couldn’t face life without the love of her life.  Thank you so much to all of you who wrote to me, many of whom shared that you have also lost loved ones.  I believe that once we leave our bodies, we are still part of the universal life force, so my parents are a part of me, just as each of you are.  Love to all!  Maitri Sojourner

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  1. Andrew M. Bell

    What a lovely story. I hope your grief is receding somewhat, Maitri.


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