The Shadormas of Kerfe Roig

October 4, 2020
by Paul Nelson

From the blog of Kerfe Roig, of New York:

This year I participated in Poetry Postcard Fest the Poetry Postcard Fest–where the challenge is to send a different postcard with a poem you’ve composed for each day in August, 31 in all. After you register, you receive a list of names in your participant group, and go down the list until you get back to your own.

I decided to do shadormas, as they would fit easily on the back of a postcard, and to connect them through repeating part of the last line of each poem to the first line of the poem for the next day. I made over 40 postcards in anticipation, and sent some to my friends as well as to the people on my list. READ MORE.

Registration for 2021 is open now at:

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  1. Andrew M. Bell

    You are never too old to learn something new. I’d never heard of shadormas.


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