Clarissa Duran Poetry Postcard Fest interview

July 16, 2020
by Paul Nelson

Poetry Postcard Fest co-founder Paul Nelson interviews Clarissa Duran on her experience with the august POetry POstcard festival.


  1. Kristen L Ryberg

    Just watched, and enjoyed the warmth and clarity. Clarissa is a wise and beautiful speaker. This is what is wonderful about this community process, a glimpse of another good heart in the world! thank you Paul and Clarissa.

  2. StanleydelGozo

    Alo-HA Clarrisa….thanks for the “inner-view”….sending you many PoPo blessings from Deming NM…StanleydelGozo

  3. Sara Bingham

    This is just a wonderful interview. I am so glad to have read this today, and it is inspiring me & increasing my anticipation of this year’s poetry postcard festival. This is my 4th year, and every year it gets better & better.


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