Best Poetry Postcard Fest Practices

July 15, 2020
by Paul Nelson

The recording of the July 11 webinar on Best Poetry Postcard Practices is now online.

The Co-Editors of the 56 Days of August: Poetry Postcards Anthology (Ina Roy-Faderman, Judy Kleinberg, Paul E Nelson) shared their tips on how they write postcard poems and answered questions from those who attended. There were also comments and testimonials about the project and about the Poetry Postcard Fest community. Longtime Poetry Postcard Fest participant Penelope Moffet posted this about it on Facebook and granted permission to republish:

I came away from yesterday’s PoPo zoom with some ideas new to me. Here they are, for those who couldn’t make it to the meeting (had you been there, you might well have been struck by different concepts – a lot was said in that hour!):

Start each new poem with the last line of the previous poem, and see where it takes you. Keep doing this, day to day. You will end up in some unexpected places.

Response cards don’t necessarily have to be responses sent to the person whose card triggers your new poem – a card responding to something you received can be sent to someone else, so the conversation continues, in a way, in the collective mind.

When you want to send an art card, you can write the poem first on one side of the card, then let the art you create on the other side relate in some way to the poem. (I’ve always gone in the other direction when/if I make an art card.)

I was also very moved by what Sigrid Saradunn said about how all the postcards she received from PoPo people early this year, when she was going through a hard time, really helped her to get through that time. 💚

Registration for POPO2020 ends Saturday, July 18 at 11:59pm via Submittable:


  1. Susan Landgraf

    This is my second year, and I will make it a tradition. A challenge and a gift both. Wonderful.

    • POPO Pops

      Susan, that’s so kind! Makes my day. Paul


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