PoPo Interviews

November 30, 2019
by Paul Nelson

I am looking to interview at least ten postcard participants in the next few weeks to create some videos for a new PoPo website that will replace the current page on my cluttered personal site. Interviews will be (mostly) uniform, with standard questions and conducted via Zoom and will focus on the fest experience as described by participants. If you are interviewed, you consent for the interview, or a portion of it to be online. Interviews will last about 30 minutes. Please sign up in the comment section. As interview slots are filled, I will note them as filled on this page. All times PST. Thanks for your interest in the Poetry Postcard Fest. Paul

Sunday, November 30, 12N – Ina Roy-Faderman
Wednesday, December 4, 1pm – Amy Miller.
Thursday, December 5, 11am – Mark Johnson.
Thursday, December 5, 12N – Julie Naslund.
Friday, December 6, 11am – Joe Cottonwood.
Friday, December 6, 12N – Daniel Smith.
Friday, December 6, 1pm – Joanne Durham.
Friday, December 6, 2pm – Stanley DelGozo.
Saturday, December 7, 1:30pm – Tim Mateer.
Saturday, December 7, 3:30pm – Laura Peña.
Saturday, December 7, 4pm – T. Clear.
Saturday, December 7, 5pm – Linda Crosfield.
Wednesday, December 11, 11am – Linda M. Robertson.
Thursday, December 12, 4:30pm – Gabriel Cleveland.
Friday, December 13, 2019, 11am – Karen Bossche.
Saturday, December 14, 10am – Judy Jensen.


  1. Amy Miller

    I’d love to do this, Paul!

  2. Splabman

    Amy! Pick a slot! Paul

  3. Daniel L Smith

    Love to participate. How’s Friday December 6 at noon pacific time 10 a my time.

  4. Daniel L Smith

    Got the times backwards. Try noon pacific and 2 p central on Friday December 6

  5. Laura Pena

    Hi Paul, I would like to be I interviewed. I am available Saturday December 7th at 3:30pm.
    Laura Pena
    Houston, TX.

  6. Joe Cottonwood

    Sounds like fun. Could I do Friday at 11?

  7. Timothy Mateer

    Sat. Dec. 7, 1:30 pm love this

  8. Joanne Durham

    I was a first-timer and would be happy to share my experience. Friday 1pm PST (4pm EST) would work for me if you still need another.

  9. M S Johnson

    Thursday 12/5. 11:00

  10. JNaz

    Are you still trying to fill slots?

  11. JNaz

    Thurs at noon?

  12. Terry Holzman

    Go for me at 2;30 pm on Saturday December 7th

  13. StanleydelGozo

    Alo-HA Paul I will take today AT 2PM DECEMBER 6TH….575 9364444 STANLEYDELGOZO


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