Postcards for Charlottesville

August 15, 2017
by Paul Nelson

From Lucia Sanford:

Dear Paul,

This is my third year participating in the Postcard Poetry Fest. I live in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am still too raw and stunned to write a personal note or poem about what happened here on Saturday. I did not think this situation could feel any worse, but alas, I learned differently after hearing the press conference the President gave at Trump Tower this afternoon (Tuesday, August 15).
I ask that you consider forwarding the information attached below to all Fest participants so they will be aware of a chance to incorporate sending postcards to help young people in our community. I just learned of the #DearYoungPerson campaign a few moments ago, and immediately sat down to write this note and forward the information to you.
Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, August 16, at 11 AM  Eastern Time, there will be a memorial for Heather Heyer, the woman killed by one of the alt-right rally attendees who used a car to murder her and injure 19 others in an act of domestic terrorism. Please also consider notifying all Postcard Poetry Fest participants of the memorial for Heather. There may be some who would want to take a moment at that hour tomorrow to contribute their peaceful, uplifting thoughts and prayers. I heard that the memorial will be live-streamed should anyone wish to attend virtually.
It has been a balm to the thousands of grieving hearts in our community to see the outpouring of support as people in cities across the country have taken to the streets to denounce what happened in Charlottesville and the people who came to our town to perpetrate it. I have such profound sorrow for all who loved Heather, for our country and for the world. Those images of great numbers of people unequivocally opposing this kind of hatred gives me hope, gives Charlottesville hope, and ultimately gives our country hope that one day the ancient, festering wounds that ooze this pain and evil will find healing.
With Love,
Lucia Sanford

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  1. Carol Keslar

    Dear Paul, thank you for sending this on to all of APPF. I’m grateful to be reminded of the impact on young people and will be sending a cards. Carol Keslar


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