428. Age of Wind (For Judy Jensen)

August 17, 2013
by Paul Nelson

OK, I jumped the gun on the 2013 Poetry Postcard Fest. Though I am posting here a month after writing and sending the first poem of 2013 (& my 428th postcard poem) I started writing the poems on July 17 and not ten days later on the 27th as we tell people to do when we sign them up to participate in the fest. Sue me.

(Click here for audio to listen while you read.)

428. Age of Wind (For Judy Jensen)

428. Age of Wind (For Judy Jensen) Photo by E.S. Curtis, 1914, people of Northwest Coast in cedar canoes


  1. seingraham

    very cool …if you’re in Canada however, don’t try to listen to the late great SRV…copyright issues block the recording…

    • Splabman

      Boo to censorship.

  2. seingraham

    should have mentioned, do listen to Paul tho’…he comes through deliciously clear…


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